The Sim Studio

We are delighted to offer our members and visitors the opportunity to play and improve your game all year round with TRACKMAN GOLF SIMULATOR.

Our simulator is powered by industry-leader Trackman Golf providing you with the ultimate indoor golf experience.   TRACKMAN offers tracking of both movement of the ball and golf club providing a precise analysis of your golf swing as well as collecting data such as ball flight, spin rate, club path, attack angle, and so much more.

Play the world’s best courses, perfect your swing or find fun with games for all levels right here at the Sim Studio at Casterton Golf Course.



Sim Studio only membership £220 per year (start 1st of any month, must be paid outright)

Add Sim Studio to Full Course Membership  £120 per year (start 1st of any month, must be paid outright)



NON MEMBERS per hour

1 player £25

2 players £31

3 players £36

4 players £42


MEMBERS per hour

1 member £12

2 members £18

3 members £24

4 members £30

Add a non member to a member booking – £9 per non member